Renew, Energize, and Donate


MAY 9, 2019

What is Red Day?

Introduced in 2009, RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is Keller Williams Realty's annual day of service. Each year on the second Thursday of May, associates celebrate Mo Anderson's birthday by spending the day away from their businesses serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities. RED Day is just another example of our commitment to each other and to the cities and towns where we live and work. Join us!

Interested in getting involved? Use our local office search tool to get in touch and find out how you can help.

KW Associates: All of your RED Day resources are now on KWConnect.


Q: What does my market center need to do to be prepared for RED Day?

A: In order for RED Day to be successful, it is crucial that each market center adequately plan for this event. It may be challenging to find community projects that can actively engage large amounts of people at the same time, so careful consideration when selecting your RED Day project is a MUST. Once an activity is chosen, diligent planning will ensure maximum impact from your activity. Below is the suggested RED Day planning schedule:

January - March Form a RED Day committee to identify an activity and to plan the event. Communicate RED Day plans to market center associates and save date on market center and associate calendars.

April ? May Gather sponsors to contribute food, beverages, tools and any other items needed to conduct the event. Plan event logistics (i.e. Who is going to pick up food? What tools are needed? If multiple projects are selected, who is going to lead each project? What is the parking situation?)

Q: Can I invite my clients, friends and family to participate in RED Day?

A: Given volunteer constraints on some projects, please check with your RED Day committee or market center leadership before inviting others to participate on RED Day. RED Day is an excellent opportunity to highlight the unique culture of Keller Williams to your clients, friends and family. Use the RED Day Drip Campaign located in the eEdge myMarketing suite to invite others to your event.

Q: How should my market center choose what community activity to participate in?

A: Our vision for RED Day is that each market center should make this day their own by contributing to their community in a service project of their choice. The only criteria for selecting an activity, is that it improves the local community. While not required, we recommend finding a location large enough to engage all associates who wish to participate. This will ensure maximum impact on the community, while creating synergy and camaraderie.

Q: How can I make this a win for both my business and my community?

A: The focus of RED Day is to make a positive impact on your local community. This is also an excellent opportunity to reach out to your database of clients and recruits. Working side by side with you, a client or recruit is certain to build a lasting relationship which will strengthen your business, your profit share, and your community. Use the RED Day Drip Campaign located on this site under the "Marketing Materials" tab to send out emails to your database on a regular basis.

Q: Any suggestions for working with our selected community project organization?

A: Here are a few important details to get when contacting our partnering organizations: What time do our volunteers need to be there? Where should participants go when they arrive on-site? Are there any age restrictions? What is the availability for parking? What tools and resources may be provided, and what are we expected to bring with us to use that day? Will food and drinks be provided or should we plan to provide it ourselves? Is there any special attire that will be required while working at this location? (i.e., work boots, hard hats)

Q: What are some examples of what others do during RED Day?

A: RED Day activities run the gamut. From rebuilding homes, refurbishing local parks, giving to local food shelters, hosting blood drives, beautifying beaches and so much more.

Q: Can we have RED Day on a different day?

A: Of course! Each year market several of our market centers have events coinciding on or around the day of RED Day and we encourage you to get involved in whatever ways you can.

Q: What if the weather prevents us from having our RED Day?

It?s always hard to predict how the weather will affect RED Day activities. If you find yourself rained out or unable to hold your RED Day activities because of weather, we encourage you to reschedule for a later date.

Getting media attention for your RED Day event has the added benefit of getting attention for your office as well as the organization or cause you choose to work with. It solidifies you as a community supporter and spreads the Keller Williams culture in a huge way! Download our RED Day media templates and customize them with your details. Then read our step-by-step guide to attracting media coverage.




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